About Us

Selberan, a Malaysian fine jewellery brand, was established in 1973, the result of a collaboration between the founders of Royal Selangor and two European master jewellers. With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and four boutiques spread across the city's metropolitan area, Selberan specialises in creating 18ct gold and diamond jewellery, infused with a European approach to craftsmanship and a distinct aesthetic that harks back to its origins.

Rings in all forms, be it plain or adorned with precious stones, are Selberan's passion and strength. Some are vintage collectibles that remain timeless, while its rich archives continue to inspire new masterpieces. Selberan was the first jeweller to provide ideal cut diamonds in Malaysia. This culminated in the brand's own ideal cut, The Selberan Diamond.

Selberan's quality of craft was given a royal seal of approval when it was entrusted with the restoration of the Sultan of Selangor's coronation crown, as gold, rubies and diamonds were added to this antique state regalia. For special order commissions, Selberan has created a wide range of items, from stamped coins and medallions for numerous institutions to a life-size birdcage for a World Gold Council design competition and elaborate haute joaillerie pieces, one of which is a diamond tiara with detachable sections that form a necklace, brooch, pendant, bracelet or earrings.